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Wagering on a house swap

Place a bet on a house swap is similar to betting in a traditional house, with the difference that the user can bet both for and against a result. In addition, there is a chance both to match bets have offered other bettors like to propose own bets and wait for other users the equalized. The user must access the event you are interested in touring the menu on the website of the house. Once the event is selected, two distinct columns appear for each result. One of the columns indicates the quota in favor (back) and one share against (lay), always being the value of the first somewhat lower than the value of the second. If any of the two installments to our expectations , simply click on the share, enter the amount you want to wager and confirm your bet. In this case, what has been done is to match the bet that another user had previously offered.

Example 1 After entering the section of the First Division, check quotas football match Barcelona Athletic Bilbao. The column containing the quotas for Barcelona’s victory reflects a value of 1.45 and the column containing reflects quotas against 1.55. We want to bet on the victory and FC Barcelona share of 1.45 seems a good price. Then click on the share, enter your stake and confirm the bet. And only hope that the result be propitious to us. If none of the fees offered by other users to our expectations, you can select a different fee, more in line with our wishes, and hope that the other bettors equalize. This is done by clicking on the desired result and market share increase or decrease to the value that interests us. Then you have to enter the amount you want to wager and confirm your bet. It is important to note that with this operation the money has not been put directly into play. Our bet is pending to be accepted by others that equalize. When this occurs, the process is complete and our money is definitely at stake. If, when the time of start of the event, no one else has matched our commitment, it is canceled automatically.

Example 2 Let ‘s return to Barcelona football match Athletic Bilbao. The fees are 1.45 in favor of FC Barcelona victory and 1.55 against. We want to bet on FC Barcelona victory, but this time the rate of 1.45 seems somewhat low for our interests. Then click on that quota and enter a higher value, for example 1.50. Select your stake and confirm the bet. Now we have to wait for other users to equalize. When this happens, our money is definitely at stake. If no one matches, the bet is automatically canceled at the start of the match. It is also possible to cancel voluntarily the offered bets, provided, of course, that no one has accepted. As shown, place a bet on a house swap it is somewhat more complex than in a traditional house. A good tip is thoroughly familiar with the website before making any bets. It should start by putting into play minimum quantities to acquire full control of the operation of the web.

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