Make Money Selling Bottled Water

Make-Money-Selling-Bottled-Water1Bottled water sales are massive. Total sales were $11.8 billion in 2013! You can find bottled water in vending machines, at connivence stores, just about everywhere. But at summer time events like fireworks shows, festivals, fairs etc there is still an opportunity to make money selling bottled water. Try it yourself and get a small piece of that $12B pie.

How Much Can You Make Selling Bottled Water?

It’s actually pretty easy to make money selling bottled water. If you’re in a high traffic area you could move anywhere from 20-50 bottles an hour. You can usually charge between $1-$2 per bottle. Depending on the price you want to charge and the profit you want to make per bottle you could be making up to $75/hr selling bottled water. Not too bad right!?!

What Do You Need To Make Money Selling Bottled Water?

•Cooler: You’ll need a good cooler to store your cold bottles of water. People buying your product will want it ice cold so its important to have a good sized cooler. If you have one with wheels that’s awesome. Once it’s loaded with water and ice it’s going to be pretty heavy. So the easier your cooler is to move the better.
•Water Bottles: The type of water bottle doesn’t really matter. No-name or brand name, as long as it’s cold it will sell quickly.
•Ice: You’ll need plenty of ice to keep your product cold. It also looks appealing to passers by to see a cooler full of ice. The cool refreshing image of all those icy water bottles sitting in your cooler will help you sell your product even faster.
•Extras/Nice To Have: A sign with prices is great, it’ll help advertise your product. If you have an old white T-shirt you can turn it inside out and write on it with a black sharpie, this will help advertise too. (See more on advertising below)

Where Do You Make Money Selling Bottled Water?

•Summer Events – 4th of July Fireworks etc
•Fairs & Festivals
•Outside Concerts
•Sporting Events
•Community Parties
•Almost any summertime event!

Make Sure To Advertise:

Of course its going to be hard to make money selling bottled water if you don’t advertise what you’re selling. But you don’t need a big budget for this or fancy signs. The best advertising will be on the spot. You want to encourage passers by to make that impulse purchase.
•Tape a simple sign to your cooler – This will help passers by see what you’re selling. Include the price and some wording like “Ice Cold” or “Refreshing” to entice people to buy.
•Be vocal (but not obnoxious) – Tell people what you’re selling, think of the peanut guy at the ball game “get your ice cold water here!”. This is works really well and its cost effective.
•Engage with passers by – Talk to people. Tell them what your selling. Tell them how affordable it is. Ask them if they’re thirsty. Even tell them they look thirsty. Plant that seed so they think about your product and make the decision to buy.
•Be fun/funny – Have fun with it. People will like that and be more inclined to purchase.
•Wear a white T-shirt & write “Water $x” in black sharpie – It doesn’t need to be perfect. People will read your shirt as they go by and this might help drive more purchases.

Tips For Selling Bottled Water:

•Keep it cold
•Use a cooler (ideally with wheels)
•Use lots of ice
•Have enough change handy
•Pick a high traffic area to sell
•Advertise (see comments above)
•Have “2 for $x.xx” and “3 for $x.xx” deals to encourage people to buy multiple

Check About Legality/Permits:

The legality of selling bottled water will vary by state and even locally. There are some states/counties that don’t require a food handling permit while others might require it. Call you local health and safety department to get more details. It’s even possible in certain states to get your food handling training & permit online. So there won’t be any delay and you can start selling immediately.
If you want to make money selling bottled water at local events then you might also need a permit from the event planner. You can enquire with the event planner about the cost. Explain your situation and they might just let you come for an hour or two to sell water during the day at no cost. Or offer to donate part of the proceeds to their charity of choice.
Usually selling bottled water during community organized events and in busy public parks wont require an event permit but you still might require a food handling permit and/or a vendors permit from your city/town depending on your local legislation.
Always be respectful of other vendors on the street. Remember that these people make a full time living this way and they might not be thrilled with another person competing for their business. Try to pick a spot that’s sufficiently far away from other vendors to avoid any trouble.

Make Money Selling Bottled Water:

As you can see its pretty easy to make money selling bottled water. Supplies are easy to get. Locations to sell your product are all over the place. You just need to go out and do it and you’ll be making money in no time.
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