Easiest way to earn money online

Easiest way to earn money online

What is the easiest way to earn money online? Many of us will answer, “Freelancing”. That is somewhat true. Almost every one of us can do some sort of freelancing jobs. There are tons of freelancing works available online; you will find some jobs that require almost no prior experience to accomplish. But that doesn’t necessarily means that freelancing is the easiest way to earn from online. Let me explain that:

Why Freelancing is not the easiest way to earn money from online?

Do you know what it takes to get a freelancing job? There are two ways you can manage a freelancing job. One is the direct way, here you will contact the employer directly through email or online chat, ask for the job. If the employer feels that you are capable of doing the job, he will assign you for it. Another way is getting job via a freelancing platform like Upwork or fiverr. Here, the employer will post the job description and ask for freelancers to apply. The freelancers will apply for the job and the employer will assign the job to one of them.

Now-a-days, employers like to go for the second way to get the job done, as they have plenty of options to choose the best employee for the job. So, unless you have a good reputation and strong network outside the country, it is highly unlikely that you will get a direct freelancing job. So, you must go for the second option. What you think? Will it be easy to get your first job?

For example:

Suppose, you have no experience of working online. But you want to start freelancing. What you need to do is find out a job that does not need any skill or experience to do. Such as: Typing, data entry, converting documents and images from one format to another, collecting email or Facebook IDs etc. Now, you have registered in Upwork. You see a job post, where you have to collect 5000 Facebook ID of US citizens. You know that it’s as easy sucking an ice-cream!

So, you apply for the job. Do you think that the employer will provide this job to you? Well, be sure that almost hundreds of the freelancers will apply for it. What makes you so sure that the employer will pick you? The employer will definitely pick someone who has prior experience of working on this type of projects. Now, you know that this doesn’t require any experience; still you need to have experience to get the job?

So, what now? Will you go for a job that requires skill? Definitely skilled people gets job. What type of skill do you want to acquire?

For Example:

Suppose, you like graphics designing. You will need at least 3 months to learn medium level graphics design. Then what? Will you get the job? No way! Unless you are very much lucky, you have to be patience for another 3 months to finally get your first job! That is what it takes to start freelancing!

So, I guess you guys understood my point- doing freelancing job is easy, but getting freelancing job is not easy, on the process, earning money form freelancing is not easy at all! So, overall, Freelancing is not the easiest way to earn money online!

What does that mean?

Isn’t there any easy way to earn money online?

Yes, there is!

What is the easiest way to earn money online?

No doubt, the easiest way to earn money is Forex Trading. Wait… don’t panic! What you heard is right! Forex trading is the easiest way to earn money from Forex Trading! Let me explain that to you:

Why do you guys think that Forex trading is not the easiest way to earn money online?

  • You have to learn Forex Trading to the full
  • You need to practice Forex trading for months
  • You need to suffer huge losses at the beginning
  • You need to do a lot of blah blah blah… to earn from Forex

Well, you probably don’t know that there is an awesome solution to all those problems! I will explain that to you later. But Let me show you how you can make forex trading the easiest way to earn money online:

How to earn money easily by Forex Trading

I am showing you the steps how you can earn money from online:

Step 1: Learn Forex Basics  

The first problem you highlighted – You have to learn Forex Trading to the full.

Wrong! You don’t need to learn it to the full. Just learn a few basic things. In fact, you just need to spend one hour to learn it.

Just go to youtube or Google, Type “How to do Forex Trading” of “Forex Trading Basics”. And you will find lots of videos or articles. Read a few articles, watch two or more videos. And you are done with the basics. Don’t waste more than 2 hour for it.

I can recommend you to read some articles, first 15 articles if you can, from “Forex Trading for Beginners this great resource. Here, each and every article is written carefully with easy words. So that you will everything you read.

Step 2: Open a Demo account to practice Forex Trading

To learn about how to open a demo account, please read this article: Opening Demo Trading Account. I hope it will help you to understand.

Step 3: Open a Real Account and Deposit money

After practicing with demo accounts for a few hours. You can go for live account. Again, read this article to learn more: Opening a live Account

Step: 4 Subscribe to Forex Profita website  

Now it’s time to make your stand! Go to Forex Profita, the Best Forex Signal Service of 2016. Get a subscription in Forex Profita website.

Step 5: Start trading with Signals

What are the steps to place a Trade?
– Open your MT4 platform
– Log in to your live account
– Wait for Signal email
– Set the parameters (Buy/sell, SL, TP) accordingly
– Remember the validity period of the trade written in the signal email
– Close the trade when the validity period is over, if it doesn’t hit TP/SL

Thanks for reading this article on Easiest way to earn money online. Hope it helped you a lot. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in comments. I will be very happy to provide answers.